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About Stray Cat Bicycles

The Company

Stray Cat Bicycles is a rider-owned company based in Madison, WI.

We think that bicycles should be simple, economical and, most importantly, fun to ride. We aim to build and sell the bikes that we want to ride every day.

Red single-speed with shadow

Travis Youman is the founder of Stray Cat Bicycles. He got his start in the bicycle industry at Iron Horse Bicycles, where he worked on different bicycle lines, including Columbia Bicycles, Iron Horse road cycles, and Tomaso cycles. Next, Travis moved to Trek Bicycles (and Madison), where he was Product Manager for Helmets and Shoes. While Trek was a master class in the bicycle business, Travis wanted to get back to the basics: simple bicycles for everyday use. Bicycles that are affordable but not cheap. Bicycles that are fun but also useful.

So he left Trek to start Stray Cat Bicycles. At Stray Cat, we introduced our first model, Sasha, in March of 2011. Sasha is a simple single-speed for getting around town, and you can read more about it at the Bicycles page.

Our mission is to create elegant bicycles that fit your life. While we'd love it if you rode our bikes, the bottom line is that we want more people riding, period.

Why Stray Cats?

Travis grew up with a succession of stray cats taken in by his parents. When starting his bike company, he was looking for a name that was about indestructable independence, but that was also fun and friendly.

Who is Sasha?

No, it's not Travis's wife.

Our first model is named after a particular stray cat who was scrappy, tough, and utterly insane. She also fought far above her weight class, something we find pretty inspiring around here.

Thanks, we think so too.

We're allowed to say that because we didn't design it. Back in the day, when Travis was still at Iron Horse Bicycles, he worked with a really talented guy named Joe Cahill. When we started Stray Cats, Joe helped us out with a logo. You can check out his other work here.

Giving Credit

Being a small start-up means that we rely on a variety of tools to keep the company running. We want to use this space to give credit to sites and organizations that have helped us out: