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News Update:

The Sasha is in stock! Order online or call us if you'd like to pick one up (608) 561-CATZ (2289).

Thanks for checking out Stray Cat Bicycles.

Stray Cat Bicycles is based in Madison, WI, and focuses on bicycles for everyday use. Each bike is designed to help you get to class, to work, to a local restaurant for dinner with friends, or around town on the weekend. At Stray Cat Bicycles, we sell the bikes that we want to ride.

We offer one model--Sasha--a good-looking and easy-riding bicycle with no gears to get out of tune, just two wheels, a chain, pedals, hand-brakes, and a seat that's surprisingly comfortable. You don't need to be a mechanic to keep this bike running, and there's nothing to learn about riding this bike that you didn't know when you were a kid.

If you're not in the market for bicycle right now, we hope you'll follow us on Facebook. We post frequently about bike commuting, getting around Madison on two wheels, bike-friendly businesses, and our solutions to some of cycling's most pressing problems (forget about doping--we're talking about helmet head).

Questions about riding a single-speed? We have answers!

What about hills?
We all think we need gears, but sometimes, we need those gears to haul all the extra weight of gears and derailleurs to the top of the hill. Sasha weighs in at 22-24 pounds (depending on frame size), so she's surprisingly light up the hill. In addition, Sasha has an easy gearing, so there's no need to fear the incline.
What about long distances?
We wouldn't recommend taking Sasha out on your next century, but we regularly ride ours the five miles downtown or the twelve miles to work.
I know nothing about bikes. What do I do when something breaks?
The beauty of a single-speed is in the simplicity. Without shifters to get out of adjustment, most of your first-year maintenance tasks are off the to-do list. The chain is coated with a combination of zinc and chrome, so it's rust resistant and won't need to be oiled for a long while. Cross that off the to-do list as well. You'll need to adjust the seat height before your first ride, and after a few months, you might want to tighten your chain. Both will take about $10 worth of tools available from your local hardware store (or a friend's garage), about five minutes of your time, and we'll offer instructions online to talk you through it.
I'm not sure yet. What if I have other questions?
Email us! We love to talk about bikes and would be more than happy to answer all of your questions!

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